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$9.95 + s/h Artificial Sinew Flemish Bow Strings

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You will get a new Hand made flemish style string. Flemish means it is braided back into itself. Which makes it stronger.

Other Details for this Item:

•Made from Artificial Sinew
•The standard string I make can be used with bows up to 85# (if you need heavier specify bow #)
•Comes with instructions on how to adjust to fit your bow and how to care for strings.
•Any Archer would agree it wise to keep a spare string whether you are a Target shooter, SCA, Amtgard, LARP, Re-enactments, Renaissance Festivals and of course the Primitive hunter.

Sold AS IS


Colors Available: Natural (Tan/ Yellow) - Red - Black - Blue - Green - White
or any combination of two or the previously listed colors

PLEASE: Specify Color or Color Combination and the length of the string you need.

If you don't know what length string you need. Include the following information!!

Length of Bow from tip to tip & from string groove to string groove (Please label these as Tip to Top & nock to Nock) . Also what type of bow do you have (Longbow, Recurve, False Recurve)

Example: Tip to Tip = 72"       Nock to Nock = 70"    Bow = Longbow    Weight= under 85#
                   string needed for this bow is 68"

B-50 Strings & Sinew strings with servings - $15.00 ea

Currently Only available in 68" Long



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