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Welcome to our Warranties and Policies page. Here you will find all our warranty information for our different item groups along with the various Policies that accompany those groups. This page to is under construction and will currently constantly be changing.


Bows - Warranty  | Policies
Arrows - Warranty  | Policies
Archery Accessories - Warranty | Policies
Shipping - Policies



Bows have a 30 day limited replacement warranty for workmanship or internal flaw that did not show in testing. Unless otherwise stated as different at the time of sale (ex: Sold AS IS.)

Warranty becomes Void under the following rules

bullet We don't replace for overdraw*.
bullet  We don't replace if altered from original state by cutting or carving into it in any way, this includes, but is not limited to tip modification (pin nocks), shortening and carving an arrow rest
bulletOr that the tips have broken off due to improper stringing.
bulletIf the bow was strung backwards and/ or pulled while stung backwards.
bulletWe also don't replace for stupid*
bulletdamaged by pets
bulletIf the bow leaves the USA

We will not accept returns for "wasn't what I was expecting" Items are fully described. If uncertain, please ask questions before buying.

Complete Warranty will come with the bow. For questions about warranty please e-mail us at Warranty Questions we will answer you as quickly as possible. As questions arise this page will put updates to help clarify the information here for future people browsing.

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Arrows are sold as is. We do not warranty arrows or any of there parts {i.e. shaft, fletchings, points, nocks etc.} Please see Policies for additional information.

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Archery Accessories: Sold as is. For additional information please see the policies section.

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Bows Information coming soon, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Arrows: Arrows are insured when they are shipped, if they become damaged in shipping please contact us within 5 business days. We will send you instructions on how to file a claim with the post office. At which point you will have 2 options. You can sign it over to us so that we get reimbursed for the arrows and we will ship you new arrows (we need a sign copy indicating we will receive the payment for the claim before we will ship the replacements) or the post office will reimburse you for the arrows and you are welcome to purchase again.

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Shipping: Item(s) will ship via US mail:-First Class mail (5-7 days), Parcel Post (5-7 days), Priority (3-5 days) or Express (overnight to 2 day)

Please Note: not all shipping options are available for all items.
Item(s) will be insured (optional {except on bows in which case its required}, price determined by total purchase) & tracked as to delivery & condition with delivery confirmation (only if you add it, comes standard on orders over $50). Actual shipping arrangements must be specified by the Buyer via e-mail or Phone as to how he/she wants item (s) shipped at the time of purchase.
We Only Ship within the USA, its territories and A.P.O.'s. We do NOT & will NOT ship internationally!!

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Overdraw: defined as pulling the bow further than is marked on the bow. {i.e.. bow is marked at 28" (that is its max draw) pulling it to 29" , 30" , 31" etc. is considered an overdraw}

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Fletchings / Fletcher : A fletching is the feather on an arrow, sometimes know as a vane. A Fletcher is some one who makes arrows.

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Pets : Defined as anything with teeth that might chew for any reason. This includes: Dogs, cats, ferrets, goats, pot bellied pigs, etc. They can/ will damage bows, strings, arrows etc., so please keep them out of reach for the safety of both you pet and your weapons.

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USA: defined as The lower 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, and its territories the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico

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Stupid: Defined as something that you know is a bad idea before you do it. My list is growing on what I have had people do, I will provide a couple of example, the list is much longer. If you would like the full list just e-mail
 example 1 
I had a gentleman fail to contact us for an exchange when he purchased a bow that was too heavier for him to draw. So he instead tried to break the bow in hopes of getting a Replacement. He wrapped the bow around a tree backwards. Being a backed bow it did not break, but was ruined. When he contacted us because it was "damaged". We had him send it back for inspection. We called him and after several minutes of questioning him on what was he doing we it became "damaged" he told us what he had done.
example 2
I had a person who attempted to use a bow as a "Foot or Siege bow" which means they strung it, sat down and put their feet on the handle and tried to pull the bow to their chest. (this also falls under the Overdraw clause)

example 3
We had a gentleman who tried to make one of our bows a take-down bow. That is he cut it in half and tried to bolt it back together and then was "upset" that we would not replace it, because he believed we should have told him it could not be made into a take-down. With that said if he had asked "before"  he cut it in half we would have informed him it was impossible and would void the warranty.

And PLEASE don't add to my list.

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Insurance: Insurance is optional on most items, but is required on others. Below is a table to help you determine what we will charge for insurance on your order if it is required or you choose to add it.

$0.01 to $49.99


$50.00 to $99.99


$100.00 to $199.99


$200.00 to $299.99


$300.00 to $399.99 $5.50
$400.00 to $499.99 $6.50
You get the idea add $1 for each additions $100  

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