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Table of Contents

  1. How do I string my new bow ?
  2. Where can I find arrows for my bow ?
  3. Why doesn't the string fit, it seems too long ?
  4. Who is the maker of my earrings?
  5. What is your return policy?
  6. When is your next event?
  7. What is the legal weight limit for hunting with a bow?
  8. How do I determine my draw length?
  9. There is no rest on my bow, Where do I put the arrow?
  10. How do I pick a bow for me?
  11. How do I know which size armguard I need?

How do I string my new bow?

First I encourage you to read the care instructions that came with the bow as this will answer your question as to what method to use. The step-through method a.k.a the Traditional method (shown below) or a bow stringer (for a longbow) is the safest way to string it. If you do Not know how to do the step-through method or use a bow stringer please visit your local archery shop and have some one show you how.

Remember: Never step or stand on the tip or shove the tip into the ground/floor when stringing. Doing so could
                     damage your bow or even break your bow. If you do not know how to do any of the above methods
                     please see your local archery shop and have them show you how to string a bow with one of the
                     above methods.

Below is an example of the step thru or traditional method. Many of you may already know this method and not realize it or call it something else. But PLEASE have someone show you how if you have never done this.

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Where can I find arrows for my bow?

I offer arrows on my archery accessories page. You can also find arrows at most archery supply stores that carry traditional accessories, Academy, Out Door World, etc. Just to name a few. Not all locations carry arrows all year. It will depend on you location and time of year on how easy it will be to find arrows.

You will also need to match the spine weight (stiffness of the arrow) to your bow!!

Selecting the right spine weight:
The spine weight of your arrow should be 5 - 10# lighter than your bow if using an unbacked longbow**. (ex: if your bow is 35# @ 28", the spine weight of your arrows should be 25# to 30#) On a backed bow (ex: Bamboo backed Osage or Hickory back Cherry) you will go 5# lighter or match the draw on the bow.  So if the bow is 45# then you would want 40 to 45# spined arrows.

The reason for matching the spine weight of your arrows to your bow, is so that you get the max. performance out of the bow. Arrows that are to heavy (heavier than your bow) will end up mostly in the ground. Arrows that are too light (spine weight Lighter than recommended for your bow) will not fly straight, they will wobble too much in flight.

**On Recurves (true recurves) the spine weight should be 5 - 10# heavier to compensate for the force in which the arrow is discharged, as it loses an arrow faster.

Helpful Hints:

bulletArrows should be inspected for crakes or abrasions before each use. Do Not use damaged arrows!!
bulletArrows should have the base of the feathers (fletchings) wrapped at the bottom (1/4" of the feather and about 1/2" of the shaft just below the feathers) of the feathers with thread, sinew, or tape to prevent them from sticking into the hand. (when there is not a shelf / arrow rest on the bow being used).
bulletFeathers will cut the hand, please consider using a glove or buying arrows with vanes.
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Why doesn't the string fit, it seems too long?

The string is the right length for your bow. The strings are new so they stretch a bit when you first get them. So you will need to adjust the brace height (directions are in your care instructions) several times. The fastest way to do this is twist it down to 4 fingers past the nock (string groves) then string the bow and pull the bow about half way back several times, then let it sit strung for about 5 minutes. Unstring and reset the brace height to 6" you may lose about 1/2" as it finishes stretching. You may have to repeat the process a few times on heavier bows (45# and up) (see the example picture of what proper brace looks like)

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Who is the maker of my earrings ?

99% of the Jewelry (earrings, necklaces, barrettes, hair pins, hair quills etc.) Are hand made by S. Yeager (me) a*k*a "Lady Kee" hence the name of my business Kee's Traditions. I hand make every piece so each is unique and will be slightly different from others that look similar to it.

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What is your return policy ?

Returns are only on a per item/customer basis. Please see my Policies page for details on warranty and return policies as the policies vary per group of items.

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When is  your next event?

Please see out Contact Page, We will keep a list of upcoming events posted there. If there is not anything posted, we do not yet have any events planed.

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What is the legal weight limit for hunting with a bow?

Policies and regulations vary by state and sometimes county. Below is the regulations for the state of Texas.

Archery and Crossbows

Only the archery and crossbow equipment prescribed in this section may be used for taking game animals or game birds. Crossbows are not lawful for taking migratory game birds. The prescribed archery and crossbow equipment may be used during any general open season. Archery and crossbow equipment may not be used to hunt deer during the Muzzleloader-Only Deer Season. It is unlawful to be in possession of a firearm while hunting with a broadhead HUNTING point during the Archery-Only season, except a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun in Texas may carry a concealed handgun. NOTE: A firearm may be possessed in camp, in a motor vehicle, or while hunting lawful game other than whitetail or mule deer and turkey (e.g., exotics, feral hogs, squirrels).

Nongame Animals: Archery and crossbows are lawful for non-protected nongame animals.

Longbows, compound bows, or recurved bows:


must have a 35**-(pound, lbs.) minimum draw weight at 28 inches of draw at the time of hunting, when used to hunt turkey and all game animals other than squirrel.


that are equipped with a device that allows the bow to be locked at full or partial draw are lawful during any season when lawful archery equipment may be used.  (can have/ not required)


Any person may use a crossbow to hunt game animals or game birds (except migratory game birds) during a general open season or Eastern spring turkey season. Telescopic sights are lawful.

ONLY a person with an upper-limb disability* may use a crossbow to hunt deer and turkey during the Archery Only Open Season, provided the person, while hunting, has in their immediate possession a physician's statement certifying the extent of the disability.

*An upper-limb disability is a permanent loss of the use of fingers, hand, or arm in a manner that renders the person incapable of using lawful archery equipment.

A crossbow is lawful for game animals and game birds (except migratory game birds and as provided above), provided:


the crossbow has a minimum pull of 125 pounds (#, Lbs.);


the crossbow has a mechanical safety; and


the crossbow stock is not less than 25 inches in length.

Projectiles (Arrows and Crossbow Bolts):

While hunting game animals and game birds, a projectile may not be poisoned, drugged, or explosive.

When used to hunt turkey and all game animals other than squirrels, a projectile must be equipped with a broadhead hunting point that is at least 7/8-inch in width (upon impact) and has a minimum of 2 cutting edges. A mechanical broadhead must begin to open upon impact and, when open, must be a minimum of 7/8-inch in width.

An archer may have arrows or crossbow bolts with field, target, or judo points in the quiver with the broadhead hunting points.  

As Seen on Texas State Parks & Wildlife Webpage:

**I limit has been dropped in Texas as of March 2008!!! it is now below 40#, exact weight required is unknown at this time*** As of 2009 - April The legal limit in Texas is 35# @ 28" the bow may not be less than 35# @ 28" - We still recommend 45# and above for a cleaner kill

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How do I determine my draw length

To determine your Draw length:
You need a tape measure or a dowel that has been marked at every inch, make a fist with you left hand hold it straight out to the side and look toward it. Measure from your fist to the corner of your mouth (your right hand should be anchored at your mouth) Draw the tape measure as you would an arrow. What ever the measurement is; that should be your draw length. (follow the instructions in reverse if left handed).

See the picture below: Notice how and where he is drawing too

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There is no rest on my bow, Where do I put the arrow?

When shooting traditionally; they shot off the hand (knuckles). If you are shooting this way or intend to just remember that if your right handed the arrow will rest on the left hand side of the bow (visa versa if your left).

Helpful Hints:

bulletMake sure the fletching* on your arrows are good.
bulletAlso it may be a good idea to wear a leather glove or hand guard when shooting this way; if possible.
bulletA shelf can be safely added to the side of a traditional style bow (one with no built in shelf) by wrapping a wedge of wood, a shaped piece of bone, or a stiff wedge of belt leather to the appropriate side with jute, leather or just about any pliable material. (Please contact us for instructions on how to do this if your not sure how)
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How do I pick a bow for Me?

Well first you will need to answer a couple of questions. Depending on your answers depends on what you should be looking for in a new bow.

The Questions

bulletWhat are you intending to use it for?
Lets elaborate: Are you wanting the hunt hay bails or moving targets? If moving targets are the Animals? or are you participating in Combat Archery (SCA, Amtgard, LARP)
bullet If your just hunting hay bails you really don't want more than 40# (lbs) any thing over that and you really start tearing arrows up, you'll put them completely through your target and start stripping feathers of at anything less than 20 yards. Most people go with 30# to 35# if all they are doing is recreational target shooting.
bullet If you are shooting competitively you may want up to 45# or to go with a backed bow to get a little extra arrow speed and flatter trajectory
bulletCombat Archery: Please check your local groups weight limits. Here in the Kingdom of Ansteorra (SCA Texas) the weight limit for CA is 30#, Amtgard in my region is 35# and most of the LARP groups its 25# all weights @ 28" max draw.
bulletIf you are hunting live animals, please check your states minimum requirements to hunt with a bow. Weight requirements vary according to state (occasionally region) and the type of game you are hunting. 35 to 40# is legal in most states. But several states require 45 to 50# min.
bulletWhat is your draw length? This to will determine what is available. Most people have a 27 to 28" draw. If you don't know your draw length please click the following link to see How do I determine draw length . Once you have determined what weight you are looking for and what draw length you need.
bulletHow often do you shoot? Are you just getting into archery? Or have you shot before and are getting back into it? These things depend on what type of bow you should look for:
bulletDo you shot occasionally, but don't really have a lot of time to shot? Just getting into it. or Shoot Combat Archery? You will probably want to go with an un-backed (non- laminated bow) Its a great place to start and you don't have to spend a bunch of money to have fun. If you shoot CA you won't cry as bad if someone stomps your bow or your forced to take a hit while holding it.
bulletHave you shot a long time and shoot competitively or hunt? Not getting quit the arrow speed or having to arc to much to make your shot. Maybe you just want better penetration. You probably will want either a heavier bow or a backed (laminated bow). Sometimes both, depending on your situation

Remember these are just guide lines to help you determine what you may be looking for, feel free to drop us an e-mail and as questions. We will gladly help you figure out what you need or want even if its not from us!

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How do I know What size armguard I need?

The measurements provided for each armguard are the actual measurements of the leather. On the ones with the lace and / or concho closures

bulletTo determine if it will fit you, you will need to look at the measurements.
bullet then measure around your wrist,
bulletthen from the wrist down your arm the length of the guard and
bullet then around the forearm in that location.
bulletYour arm will need to be the same size or larger that the measurements of the arm guard for it to fit and work properly.
bulletAs if its too big it will gap and if it gaps, the string will catch the gap and will hurt more than if you wore no guard at all.
bulletIf you are double jointed in your elbow and it hyper-extends when you  put pressure on it and you've tried holding the bow different etc. You may want to consider a buckle guard or combo Guard to cover your elbow. As they are designed to help the string keep moving and are a thicker leather
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