Custom Orders & one of a kinds

This Set is called the "Sea Witch":

It has a 30# Maple backed Purple heart bow with a birds eye Maple and Red heart riser (grip), grip wrapped in purple leather, 2 strings made from purple artificial sinew. One dozen arrows with Lavender and Royal Purple fletches. Black fleece bow sock with purple trim. Armguard and flat quiver made from wine purple buffalo.

This Set is the Black and Red Fantasy Set

Hickory bow stained black with a red leather stitched grip, red sinew wrapped tips on the bow. 6 wood arrows also stained black and spine matched to the bow. Red and Black tradition cut feathers, red sinew wraps at the base of the feathers. 2 black and red flemish strings. 4" red leather back quiver with rabbit fur trim. Red leather armguard and bow stringer. Red elk string keeper. Red fleece bow sock with black rabbit fur trim.


Matched Concho armguard pair with stretch string


This is a friend of mine who has one of our first youth size bows. He had the back of the bow done in henna and then sealed the bow permanently. The arrows you see in the quiver are also ones we made custom for the bow. The quiver and bow holder were not made by us. It was made by Excalibur leather at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.



We custom made and painted this bow for use as prop for the office of Huntsman in the S.C.A. kingdom of Ansteorra

Custom bow we made for "Liam Hunter"

This one is a Hickory backed Hickory with a purple heart riser, as well as a purple heart piece on the back of the riser. We also did cow horn overlays on the tips. bow was 30# @ 30"





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