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This page will contain Porcupine quill Jewelry of All kinds, whether its earrings or necklaces, pendants or hair sticks it will be here.

Coming Soon to this page!! Double, Triple and Quad loop Porcupine Quill earrings


$4.25 + $1.15 s/h ea. Single Loop Quill Earrings


This pair of earrings is a pair of single loop porcupine quill dangle earrings. I do these in a wide variety of colors as well.

They are done in natural (un-dyed) porcupine quills and glass seed beads.

The pairs currently shown are:

bullet Translucent Green and Translucent Purple. (top)
bulletBlue and Yellow (Center left)
bulletSpring green with green glass (center right)
bulletBlood red (bottom)

However I can do these in just about any color, just email me what color or up to 3 colors that you want and I will let you know if I can custom make what you are looking for. Chances are high I will have the color(s) you are looking for.



SOLD Full Turquoise Set  ~ Necklace, Bracelet, Beaded Earrings, Beaded Hair Quill

 - Description coming soon -



Single Hair Quill w/ feathers

- Description coming soon -


SOLD  Medicine Wheel Barrette w/ Quill feathers

This medicine wheel and quill feather barrette was beaded in glass size 13 charlotte seed beads (Black, white, red, yellow & turquoise) and accented with three turquoise chunk beads.

Over all length is 4"
Over all width is 2 1/2'

Each of the 3 feathers are 2" long and are brick-stitched on a natural porcupine quill to creat the feather.

This piece is signed & dated (March 30th, 2007)


$16.25 + $1.15 s/h ea. Butterfly Quill Earrings

The top of these have been brick-stitched in a butterfly design with twin quill tails. Creating a great eye-catching double quill earring.

Beaded with tiny size 13 glass charlotte seed beads in Cobalt blue and sky blue. The light catches on all the facets of the charlottes' and make these earrings look like they are dancing from your ears.

Measurements;  approx. 3 1/2 Tall without hooks.

Can custom build in any 2 colors, just contact me.


$25.00 + $1.15 s/h ea. Beaded Feather Quill earrings

These gorgeous and stunning Eagle or Hawk Feather Porcupine Quill Earrings were hand made by combining Quills with brick stitch (for the feather itself)& Peyote stitch (also know as gourd stitch ) for the top (red  or green part). There will defiantly have people giving you complements.
bullet Beaded in tiny size 13 glass charlotte seed beads
bullet Natural / uncolored Porcupine quills.
bulletMeasurements; approx. 3 Tall with hooks.
bulletHooks are surgical steel. If you need sterling silver let me know at the time of the purchase and I will change the hooks.

Customers that have received these:
Excellent Packaging &Ship, WOW Breath Taking, Excellently Handcrafted A+

Lightning fast shipping ! Great seller ! AWESOME detailed beadwork ! THANK YOU !


$19.95 + 1.15 s/h ea.  

- Description coming soon -


$8.88 + $1.15 s/h ea. Double Quill Earrings

- Description coming soon -


$14.85 + $1.15 s/h ea.  Triple Quill Earrings

- Descriptions coming soon -


$35.00 + 5.25 s/h Dark Beaded Pendent with Quill Earrings Set

his Beautiful Beaded Pendent and Porcupine Quill Earrings were hand made by using several different stitches and techniques. As in all the Beadwork and jewelry we sell these earrings are hand made by stitching one seed bead on at a time, weaving the patterns bead by bead. This process can take several hours to complete even with the most basic of items and or designs.
bulletBeaded in Translucent Kelly Green & Root Beer Brown; size 13 seed beads, and natural un-colored Porcupine quills.
bulletPendent has a metal loop sewn to back so that it can easily be attached to a necklace. Dark stone cap (stone type unknown)
        earrings approx. 2 5/8 Tall with hooks.
        pendent approx. 4 long
bulletHand beaded






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